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She’ll take you from watching other people’s lives to participating in your own so YOU can Rock YOUR Red Carpet!

Auditions aren’t just for Celebrities. We’re constantly auditioning in life.   ​ACE every audition so you can Rock YOUR Red Carpet!!​



Not a Celebrity?

Have you ever walked into a job interview and realized you were under-dressed, under-qualified, or simply unimpressive?

​Have you ever gone on a first date, only to feel completely unequipped to answer the questions regarding your online dating profile? Did you exaggerate, believing you’re an under-achiever? Were you totally unprepared for the small talk that followed- knowing a second date was not in the cards?

Do you ever find yourself watching the lives of others, whether it be on a Big Screen, on a Rock Stage or even among your peers or associates? Do you ever envy the lives of others? Do you often think, ‘if only…’ or ‘I could have…’ thinking it’s too late to live the life you were meant to live?  I’m here to tell you, this is YOUR stage and it’s TIME for YOU to ROCK IT!!

Auditions aren’t just for Celebrities. We’re constantly auditioning in life. You don’t have to be a Celebrity to Rock YOUR Red Carpet! We’ll show you how to ace the auditions in the 4 major areas of your daily life so you can LIVE your PASSION & PURPOSE & Rock YOUR Red Carpet!

Michelle’s Specialty is bringing passion and purpose to empty-nesters.  Make the REST of your life, the BEST of your life!

Together we’ll optimize these 4 key areas: Relationships, Financial, Health & Spiritual Health so you can live the ABUNDANT LIFE that is your Birthright! You’ll make more money, have more energy, and enjoy more freedom.​
(Be on the lookout for a good pair of sunglasses and a ball cap to limit the  amount of attention you’ll receive.)

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 “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence”

★Our Signature System:

From Anonymous to Glamorous in 90 Days so you can Rock YOUR Red Carpet!             

Quick Start to discover your purpose & passion so you can live the abundant life!                  

We’ll start from the inside & work toward the outside in 9 Strategic Steps: 

MINDSET:  (Spiritual, Relationships, Finances & Health)

  • Fearful to Fearless
  • Insecure to Confident                                
  • Anonymous to Onymous

INNER WELLNESS:               

  • Fat to Fit
  • Fast Food to Pure Energy
  • Hiding to Glowing


  • Frump to Fab
  • Drab to Glam
  • Boring to Soaring

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